We are a 15 years old establishment specializing in Granite , Marble , Sand stone , Slate , Quartzites and a few other natural dimensional stones. The stones are offered in the form of slabs, tiles, kitchen tops , steps / risers and other architectural products. Also offered by us are Garden and Land scapping stones like paving stones , stepping stones , kerbs , flag stones and sculptures.. The material is processed in sophisticated plant and machines with utmost care in dimensional accuracies, precision, veining uniformity and colour consistencies. Indeed quality and time in shipping schedules are the strengths of our organisation creating a distinctive niche in the global market.

With administrative office in Jodhpur, the sun city of India, we procure granite from the quarries located in the states of Rajasthan, in North west India, state of Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Orissa and Tamil Nadu in southern and eastern India . Marble and Sand stones are procured from the states of Rajasthan in North India. The slates , lime stones , quartzites and other stones are procured from the states of Rajasthan , Haryana in North India and Andhra Pradesh in south India.The processing facilities of our associates in south India for granite and North west India for marble and other stones are used to obtain standard and custom size products in various surface finishes like natural , honed , mirror polished, flamed, shot blasted, bush hammered , antiqued , tumbled etc. The blocks of Granite are sawn in most modern Granite gang saws as well as large blade circular saws and finishing is imparted by multiple head polishing lines as well as single hand radial polishers . Marble is essentially sawn on Gangs saws and subsequent polishing , finishing is done in modern machine centres capable to produce the best .

Our main markets are countries in Europe ,thefar and middle east regions and we are expanding expeditiously to other shores in the Americas , Australia and the Asia.